It all started when Mikkel Filskov and Morten Junge met in 2013. 

As head of the award-winning digital agency WeMakeTraffic, Mikkel had led the development of a smart tool that promised a radical new approach to creating digital presentations. 

At the same time, Morten – who was heading up his own company Inclusive Marketing - had recently created a prototype of "the best B2B sales tool ever" and was running pilot projects with existing customers.

When Mikkel and Morten got together, this combination of the new digital presentation tool and the B2B pilots provided the inspiration and ultimately the basis for Prezentor, which was then developed in collaboration with international B2B partners.


The name was chosen following an internal competition that was 'officially' won by Mikkel – or so he claims and he continues to repeat this story!

More importantly, the name told a story, was easy to remember and was also available as

It has since been suggested that the name might indicate that we are only in "the presentation business" - in head-to-head competition with PowerPoint and others. But Prezentor is a business Sales Tool – and an essential part of any professional B2B sale is the ability to present complex matter simply. 

That is what Prezentor does – and the name 'Prezentor' is here to stay!


During the development of the Prezentor software platform, the team worked with companies and clients from across many countries. As we gathered their feedback, we soon realised that Prezentor had international reach – and we set up a company to realise the full global potential. That company is Prezentor ApS and, in September 2015, we invited an external investor into the business to help us accelerate global growth.

We currently have office setups in Denmark and Ukraine, but we expect to grow internationally in the near future. 

Morten Junge is the CEO and Mikkel Filskov is Director. Our head office is located in the heart of Copenhagen – just next to the famous Marmorkirken and some 200 meters from the Royal Castle Amalienborg.

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