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Get more information about clients in Prezentor

Get access to view and edit your clients on the iPad and get your work done faster and better when creating your presentations in the backend.


Access all your files online and offline and work faster with live preview on iPad

The 2.1.2 update is a minor release, which includes the option to mark files with ‘offline access’ directly on the iPad. This will ensure your most popular files are always accessible for your meetings. For the backend we added a new feature that allows you to view draft presentations immediately on your iPad while your working on it from the editor.

New improved grid and PowerPoint email converter

The 2.1.1 release includes some great new features for the backend such as a completely new and improved grid for our presentation builder. A new align widget feature is added to the grouping of widgets. Also new is the capability to convert PPTX files to Prezentor presentations simply by sending an email.

New ‘action menu’ for iPad and files storage system

With release of version 2.1 we launched our new action menu for the iPad sales application. The action menu includes a powerful email system that allows you to quickly send emails via the app using customisable text templates. It also allows you to quickly send the slides from your meeting, write notes and plan meetings with agendas. What’s more, the update features a new cloud-based file storage system, which enables you to save, share and view files directly in Prezentor. This provides access to all your files without ever leaving the presentation.

See our release video here

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Close more deals in Q1 with a customised business calculator
November 2017

Have you ever left a sales meeting feeling that you didn’t convey the value of your product in an efficient way? That the customer didn’t see how quick the payback time is or how much they can save in time or money by using your company?

Using an interactive business calculator visualises the value of your offering, instead of You simply selling a product or service. (more…)

Prezentor 2.6 – Customise your presentations with the new “Arrange slides” features
September 2017

With the new “Arrange slides” features in the iOS and desktop app it is possible to custom build your presentation with only the slides that you need for a specific meeting. Simply select the slides you want to use and rearrange them in the order that suits your sales pitch. Klick save, add to your agenda and you’re good to go!

The update also includes a range of minor updates, improvements and bug fixes to both the App’s and backend. Available in AppStore, for Desktop app and in the backend on Sepbember 25th.

Questions or Feedback? Drop us an email at – we always love to hear from you!

Prezentor 2.5 – Take your emailing to the next level!
June 2017

Prezentor 2.5 is released for the desktop and iOS app on the 12th of June 2017, and include new features and updates both to the App and to the backend.

To the great joy of our many of our users the email editor has received a complete makeover and include a range of new and cool features, such as more template options, customized signature, improved formatting options and much more. All we can say is try it out and see for yourself how easy it is to work with!

Apart from the email editor it is now also possible to export all your stats to directly to excel, search function in the file archive and saved user settings when multiple users share the same iPad app. (more…)

Serving sales on a silver platter has never been easier
May 2017

Use your trial right and try the full-range of this powerful Sales Tool

Prezentor offers many functionalities and features that you should be aware of. Besides the obvious functionalities (Text, Image, Video, Graphs) that usual Office programs provide, Prezentor offers the following features that can be very powerful in creating a presentation and in engaging with your customer during a presentation:


Knowledge is power

Data is helpful for any business when it is generated, interpreted and understood properly. Prezentor collects data about actions and interactions from Salespeople and Customers about Sales Meetings and Follow-Ups. This can help you to learn more about the Sales Process, Best and Worst Practices and to get more engaged salespeople doing effective Sales providing the right content for the targeted customer.


Bridging the gap between marketing and sales

The sales process should be as smooth as possible for your salespeople. Prezentor offers a variety of powerful functionalities and features to help you get better conversions.


Regain Brand Control

Use Prezentor as your central tool for Sales and you have full control over your Brand. Presentations and material will be updated, state-of the art and manageable in one place.


Show your customer the money

Customers want to see the value they get from using the service/product you promote. Show the value to them by using their own input during an interactive Sales Meeting. This dialogue-based approach will show the specific needs and the visual calculations will do the rest to convince them.


Let us know what you think!

We believe Prezentor adds a lot of value to companies and especially to Salespeoples’ daily lives. What is your first experience and what did you like/dislike? This short feedback will help us to improve our tool further and adjust it specifically to our users’ and your needs.


Prezentor will be on Sales Innovation Expo in London
January 2017

Prezentor will be present at one of the most important Sales Event in Europe; Sales Innovation Expo in London the 28 and 29 March 2017. (more…)