The Next Generation Presentation Tool That Helps You Sell More

  • Improve your customer dialogue

  • Visualize your value proposition

  • Qualify leads faster with buyer intent

  • Increase closing rate and sell more

How can you sell more with Prezentor?


Stand out and build engagement

Create the next generation of interactive sales presentations that supports the customer dialogue, and makes it easy to sell customer value instead of products and services. 

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Up to 75% faster meeting preparation

The all-in-one sales enablement platform that saves sellers up to 75% of their preparation time. Prezentor gathers all your sales content in one place, and uses smart workflows to optimize seller performance.

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Qualify your leads and sell more

Knowledge is power! Unique seller and customer insights allows you to build your business intelligence and provides your company with a competitive edge. 

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Bridge the gap between marketing & sales

Do what you do best. Prezentor makes it easy for marketing to lead content creation, while sales focuses their valuable time on selling. Automatic data gathering builds your customer intelligence, and gives you a competitive edge.  





Provide the best customer experience

Can you afford to provide anything other than the best possible customer experience? 67% of the decision making process is carried out before a buyer speaks to someone in sales. We make it easy to get it right, every time.




"The interactive presentations make sure our sales team is always aligned, we get unique customer insight and we stand out. It's brilliant!"

All-in-one platform for the modern seller

With the Prezentor app for tablet, desktop, and mobile your digital sales transformation becomes easy. Create interactive meeting agendas, send emails, get tracking, review customer engagement and much more. 


–  Manage sales content
–  Build & edit presentations
–  Manage users
–  View usage reports
–  View meetings & email statistics
–  Manage settings


–  Show your presentations
–  Impress your audience
–  Use interactive calculators
–  Send emails with meeting content
–  View email statistics from clients
–  Make an agenda for your meeting

Transform your sales with Prezentor!