Bridging the gap between marketing and sales
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By: Mikkel Filskov

The sales process should be as smooth as possible for your salespeople simply because it increases sales. Prezentor offers a variety of powerful functionalities and features to help you get better conversions.

1. Use newest technologies and best innovative presentation techniques

• Have state of the art sales presentations

• Presentations and material should be easy to modify for specific meetings


2. Use the file Archive as shared access point for all your material

• Keep your material organized and updated in one place

• Make sure everything is always easily accessible (also offline!)


3. Simplify the sales process before, during and after the meeting

• Use Agendas to organize a meeting and share it with your meeting

• Use matrix structure and hotspots for a flexible flow among chapters and slides

• Easy follow-up with integrated E-mail function


4. Use Prezentor Analytics to understand your customers and reach higher conversions

• Give Salespeople guideline/best practice for right presentation flow

• Inform Salespeople about specific interests customers show

• Use Tracking of customer engagement for specific follow-ups

It is obvious that a company with a close collaborating sales and marketing team gets better results than one with two completely separate departments. The material used by Sales needs to be adjusted to your Salespeople and their real-life experience is invaluable and should not be ignored. A close relationship between the two departments will have a very positive effect on your sales numbers. Prezentor can be the Platform that connects the Marketing department with the Salespeople.

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