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prezentor ipad tool
By: Mikkel Filskov

Get access to view and edit your clients on the iPad and get your work done faster and better when creating your presentations in the backend.

The Prezentor 2.2.5 release is a feature rich release which includes a new menu point for the action menu called ”Clients”. This menu allows you to find a list of all your contacts in our system, shortcut to start meeting, send email and edit the client.

A new feature, that we added, automatically detects when you have connected your iPad to an external screen. It then shows with a pointer where you are on the screen to make it easy for the audience to follow your clicks through the presentation.

We have also added a completely new widget called checkboxes. It’s now possible to use checkboxes or radiobuttons in all your Prezentor presentations.

We have also improved our most used widget, the image widget. Its now easier, faster and more intuitive to use.

Another widget we have added are the new ”Quick files”. This widget allows you to save cropped images for quick access to your most used images when creating slides.

And finally for all our international users we have added the option to change the langauge settings for a presentation from EU to US to ensure that numbers have correct formatting.

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