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By: Mikkel Filskov

Data is helpful for any business when it is generated, interpreted and understood properly. Prezentor collects data about actions and interactions from Salespeople and Customers about Sales Meetings and Follow-Ups. This can help you to learn more about the Sales Process, Best and Worst Practices and to get more engaged salespeople doing effective Sales providing the right content for the targeted customer.

Tracking – Data is King

You round up a sales meeting, email the presentation to your lead and then? Did you ever wish you could know when a lead viewed your emailed material, what he looked at and for how long?

• 44% of sales people give up after one follow-up!

• Empower your sales people through tracking and statistics

• Break down barriers to effective follow-up

• With Prezentor Viewer Analytics sales people get the insight to better qualify their lead, follow up with confidence and close more deals

Performance Management

Knowing what it is that your poor performers do wrong and your strong performers do right, enables you to train better, avoid pitfalls and build a stronger, happier sales force. Do you know the answers to these questions for your strongest performers?

• How often do they have sales meetings?

• Which sales presentation(s) do they use?

• Which slides do they talk the most about?

• What additional files do they share?

• How soon after the meeting do they follow-up by emailing material?

• How many meetings are required before closing the deal?

Now imagine the same questions for your poorest performers. The answers are most likely very different. If you have problems figuring out the differences, Prezentor Usage Analytics provides you with answers!

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