Regain Brand Control
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By: Mikkel Filskov

Use Prezentor as your central tool for Sales and you have full control over your Brand. Presentations and material will be updated, state-of the art and manageable in one place.

• Never again Power Point presentations from 2002 with the old brand logos, colors and outdated value proposition

• Never again home crafted Power Point presentations with poor structure, text overflow and silly illustrations

• Back-up material like pricelists and product information is at hand and relevant

• Presentations with visual Sliders and checkboxes explain more than a static or fixed element


Want more?

You can not only provide the material, but with Prezentor Analytics you can also see which material is used and what is not by your different Salespeople and improve your Practices.

• See what is working the best when, by whom and where

• Change material that is not up-to-date or unused and delete material that is not helpful

• Find out why Salespeople prefer different material

• Find out which material is (not) interesting for your customers

• Take action and implement best Practices

• Align your Sales and give your customers the best possible experience

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