Show your customer the money
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By: Mikkel Filskov

Customers want to see the value they get from using the service/product you promote. Show the value to them by using their own input during an interactive Sales Meeting. This dialogue-based approach will show the specific needs and the visual calculations will do the rest to convince them.

How does it work?

You can use all basic mathematical functions for your calculations in Prezentor. It is simple and very visual to use Sliders and integrate them in your calculations. The calculations are not fixed which means that you can perform live calculations together with your customer during the meeting – showcasing why your company offers the best solution there and then.

Basically, you can generate a complete Income Statement or specifically calculate the difference you can make for a customer using your product/service in comparison to other providers.

Check the Slideshow to find out how to do the perfect sales presentation and see one example for good visual calculations during a Sales Meeting by clicking here or at the picture below.

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