Serving sales on a silver platter has never been easier
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By: Mikkel Filskov

Use your trial right and try the full-range of this powerful Sales Tool

Prezentor offers many functionalities and features that you should be aware of. Besides the obvious functionalities (Text, Image, Video, Graphs) that usual Office programs provide, Prezentor offers the following features that can be very powerful in creating a presentation and in engaging with your customer during a presentation:

1. Use matrix structure for easy navigation among chapters & slides

2. Add hotspots to make your presentation flow smooth and flexible

• Popups allow you to keep your slide content to a minimum, while still going into detail with lots of information when needed

• Links will take you where you need to go (Another Slide, Website or an external document)

3. Use Sliders and Calculators to make your presentation interactive

• With Sliders you get great input & engagement from clients

• With Calculators (e.g. interactive questionnaire) you can show customers the money they can make or save

• Find one good example for interactive calculations here

4. Use File Archive as access point for all your material

• Upload material to this one place and have it always available

• Salespeople with access to material (e.g. price lists, product specifications) can back-up their words during a meeting

Find 7 Tips on How to create the Ultimate Sales Presentation here!

And remember, we are always ready to guide you on how to build the ideal presentation in Prezentor. Reach out to us by email or in Help.

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