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Join us to learn what Prezentor is and how you can use this presentation and sales enablement tool to build stronger customer relations, through enhanced dialogue and value-based selling.

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Exclusive Webinars - How to Increase B2B Sales Through Online Meetings (In Danish)

You’ll benefit from this if: You are interested in learning how you can adapt to online meetings and increase your sales with Prezentor and sales enablement. 


14.00-14.10 Welcome and short introduction to the purpose and goal of the webinar.

14.10-15.00 CEO Sara Leander-Pehrson presents Prezentor and how the sales presentation tool works, how it makes a difference for Sales reps and Sales Directors. As well as how it precisely increase sales for individual sales rep. 

15.00-15.10 Real live case from Rasmus Munch, Head of Business Development, Fragus. He will explain how Prezentor has increased their sales. 

15.10-15.30 Q&A 


Ulrich Søgård, Owner,

Where: Webinar via Zoom 
When: Tuesday April 7th at 14.00-15.30 
Terms: Free

Wednesday Webinars – Online meetings and presentations (Prezentor Users)

You’ll benefit from this if: You are interested in hosting online presentations.

Needing to transition to online meetings, but struggling to convert your material into a digital form? Or maybe you’re just looking to improve your online presentations with some tips and tricks? In this webinar, we’ll share all our knowledge about the most effective way to create and modify a great online presentation, so that you can meet your Sales goals and engage your audience, without even having to be in the same room. As well as providing our best recommendations, we will also answer all of your questions, which you are welcome to send to Senior Customer Success Manager Jacob Høgholm beforehand, or you can simply ask directly, during the webinar.


Jacob HøgholmSenior customer succes manager

Where: Webinar via Zoom
When: Every Wednesday at 9.30-10.00am 
Terms: Free

Thursday Webinars - Introduction to Prezentor and Sales Enablement

Who this is for: Those wanting to maximize their sales and marketing with a Sales Enablement Tool

In this hands-on Webinar, we’ll guide you through how to sell value through interactive presentations, how to qualify your leads faster with buyer intent, and how to harness the power of having all your sales content in one place. Get a high-level introduction to our sales app and backend, and learn how companies successfully advance their collaboration between Sales and Marketing using Prezentor.


Christian Jul NielsenAccount Executive

Where: Webinar via Zoom
When: Every Thursday at 9.30-10.00am 
Terms: Free